Scholarship Deadline is April 1st!

Money, money, money!

Money, money, money!

The deadline for applying for the Friends of Mascoma Foundation scholarship program is Monday, April 1st. Last year we awarded $16,000 in scholarships to 15 students in the Class of 2018. We are planning to award a similar amount to the Class of 2019, but might not be able to.

Why is this? To date, we have only received nine applications! The Class of 2019 is smaller than classes in previous years and we are aware we will receive less applications as a result, however we really love to award scholarships to outstanding students each year.

Please help us spread the word so we get a few more applications before the deadline. Late or incomplete applications are not accepted, however if students have already applied for post-secondary educational opportunities and other scholarships, they should have all the information needed to apply already.

Thank you for your help and support!