Friends of Mascoma Foundation Scholarship Renewable for Past Recipients

Friends of Mascoma Scholarships Are Now Renewable Up to Three Times For Past Recipients

Friends of Mascoma Foundation is pleased to announce that, starting in 2019, scholarships will be renewable for past recipients up to three times. To be eligible for renewal, recipients must be enrolled in a higher education program, and must also be a fundraising champion for Friends of Mascoma during New Hampshire Gives. Only funds raised during NH Gives are eligible for scholarship funding, any other methods of fundraising do not count towards eligibility for scholarship renewal. Past recipients of Friends of Mascoma scholarships who wish to renew their scholarship are required to email to notify Friends of Mascoma of intent to renew and provide current contact information.

Individuals pursuing the renewable scholarship should also sign up to be a fundraising champion on the Friends of Mascoma NH Gives profile by May 1st, Friends of Mascoma will provide fundraising tips to all fundraising champions by May 15th. NH Gives takes place from 6 p.m. on June 11th, 2019, to 6 p.m. on June 12th, 2019. Please note that it is crucial that donations are during NH Gives, not before or after, otherwise the donations do not count toward NH Gives prizes. After NH Gives is over, scholarship amounts will be calculated. Fundraising champions will receive 50% of the amount they have raised as a scholarship. The remaining 50% of the funds will be used to deposited into Friends of Mascoma’s scholarship fund to ensure the longevity of the program and to cover overhead associated with the NH Gives fundraising campaign. Past recipients must also provide proof of enrollment and scholarship remittal information by August 1st.