Friends Feeding Friends Celebrates Selection as Hannaford Cause Bag program Beneficiary


Friends of Mascoma Foundation's Friends Feeding Friends, an initiative committed to fighting Food Scarcity in the Mascoma Valley, has been selected as a beneficiary of the Hannaford Cause Bag program for the month of November.

The Hannaford Cause Bag program launched in October 2015 and is designed to support local hunger relief organizations through the sale of the reusable Fight Hunger bag. 

FOM Friends Feeding Friends was selected by Hannaford store leadership as the November beneficiary of the program at the west Lebanon, NH Hannaford store. For every reusable Fight Hunger bag with the message “This bag has helped feed someone in need” purchased at the West Lebanon Hannaford during November, Friends of Mascoma Friends Feeding Friends will receive a $.25 donation. 


FOM is thrilled to have been chosen by Hannaford and has a goal of raising more than $200 during November, which is equivalent to 800 bags bought in support of Friends Feeding Friends. FOM plans to use the projected funds to continue to bring fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, and other nutritious food options to Mascoma Valley residents challenged by food scarcity.

Friends of Mascoma Foundation is a nonprofit based in Enfield, NH with offices in Canaan, NH. Founded in 2014, FOM provides support to the Mascoma Valley Regional School District on initiatives that foster educational development for our students. The Friends Feeding Friends Food Pantries Initiative began when teachers and staff in the District called attention to the impacts of food scarcity on student learning and achievement. Our two pantry locations in Canaan and Enfield are run solely by volunteers thanks to generous donations from our wider community. Pantries are open to residents of Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield, Grafton, and Orange as well as teachers and staff who often provide snacks to their students. We also provide food to the Mascoma Valley Regional High School Pantry through our partnership with the school district. Learn more about us by visiting

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