EVS Author Visit with Marty Kelley


Marty Kelley Visit

Dear Friends of Mascoma,

Enfield Village School would like to thank you for sponsoring a visit from Marty Kelley. In connection with a week long event of reading activities, Marty Kelley inspired writing and illustrating. The students were able to witness first-hand the writing process—planning, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. EVS’ students began to see the connections between drawing a picture and the understanding of a story. We hope the students connected the disciplines of art and literacy.

Marty Kelley was funny, entertaining and creative about his journey as a writer and illustrator. The students especially enjoyed his books: The Cape! And Almost Everyone Farts. This special assembly was made possible because of your commitment to Mascoma students and their enrichment and learning.

Thanks again,

Enfield Village Students and Staff

Anne Pinilla, Sue Stritter and  Rebecca Jennings

Reading Teachers