IRS White Mountains Hiking Trip


White Mountains Hiking Trip

On April 28, 20170 a group of 8th graders headed into the White Mountains to spend two nights, even though there was still a couple feet of snow on the ground. They hiked up from Franconia Notch to the Lonesome Lake Hut on the back of Cannon Mountain, carrying all the gear and food they would need. Two high schoolers, Matt and Olivia, joined us as well as experienced role models. The trail conditions looked good at lower elevations, but as they climbed up and over the mountain, the snow and ice got deeper.

They made it to the hut, which is one of three wintertime huts maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club. The trails were so icy that the hut keeper, Doug, suggested they not peak a mountain on the second day. Instead, they hiked to the banks of a river that was raging with the Spring runoff. They had different crews that were responsible for cooking, cleaning, and making lunch for everyone in the group.

On the last day, they hiked back out, slipping and sliding on the ice. The trip was challenging, hilarious, and fun! Thank you to Nik Perreault, Abbee Hammond, Ryan Farewell, Olivia Clifford, Alazaya Abadalla, Noah Lecuyer, and Keely Lemay for going on this adventure. Thank you Ms. Browne for leading this trip with Jeffrey Eckert. The group also thanked Project CLIMB for providing the hiking equipment they needed and Friends of Mascoma for covering the expenses for this trip!