MVRHS Trip to Spain


Trip to Spain

Dear Friends of Mascoma:

 The Spanish students of Mascoma High School cannot thank you enough for your generous contribution to our trip to Spain. This turned out to be a true experience of a lifetime, and you helped to make it happen!  Our travels first took us to the Andalusian cities of Seville, Granada and Cordoba, where we took in the amazing Moorish architecture and saw our study of the history of Spain come alive.  We then took a train to the northern part of Spain, where we stayed with host  families as part of an exchange that would enable us to host Spanish students later in the summer.  We also visited the two-thousand year old Roman ruins of Tarragona and the modern city of Barcelona.  What an amazing trip!  

 Here are some of the comments the students made at the end of the trip:

 "Being on this trip changed my perspective of city life."

 "The trip was more amazing than I thought it would be."

 "In Spain, I loved the sense of pride in their country.  It was most evident during the soccer game of Barcelona and Madrid.  People were ecstatic about everything, form going out to hanging out with friends, to simply arriving at school."

 "This trip really changed how I look at the world..."

 "It was my first time leaving the country, one I will not forget...something that has changed my view of the language and made me want to study it in college."

 "The Alhambra was incredible...I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, it was so unreal."

 "The view of the (Roman) ruins in front of the Mediterranean Sea was unbelievable."

 "Overall this trip was an opportunity of a lifetime and I wish I could do it all over again."

 As you can see, your contribution produced amazing results.  Thank you again for your assistance in helping make this trip possible.


Best regards,


Barbara Sirotkin