We Need YOU to Help Us Share Our Resources !

Our Friends Feeding Friends program is all about bringing resources to the Mascoma Valley that could otherwise be wasted. We are all about sharing with our neighbors to build strong communities. Kids shouldn’t be hungry in school, so we are all about making sure our schools have food available for all situations. We can’t make all of this happen without our VOLUNTEERS. We really need more people who want to help our communities be supportive of each other. Please consider joining our Friends Feeding Friends team.


Email: food@friendsofmascoma.org

Call: 603-632-4542

Donate at www.friendsofmascoma.org

We Support Our Communities!


Grafton Parade

Foodie van all ready for the Grafton July 4 parade!


And here is our FOM crew, Lana Evans, pantry manager and parade foodie designer, Kate Stewart, Board Member, Coralie Stewart, Carolyn Cusick, Board member, Eloise Plumley, Andrew Cushing, Board member. We distributed cool juices on a very hot day. Join us next year!


Thanks to our creative volunteer, Melody Stauff, for designing our Liberty Bell for the theme of this year’s parade, “Ring the Bells”.

Thank You Fresh Picks Cafe & Brian Stone!


Friends of Mascoma Foundation works hard on our programs to foster educational development and nutritional well-being for our students and their families. We are pleased to share that Cafe Services, the parent company of Fresh Picks Cafe who provides cafeterias services in our district schools, recently sent a $1,000 donation to FOM. The owner of the company, Brian Stone, also sent a personal donation to FOM. These donations are helping FOM further programming in support of our district’s students and families.

Thank you Cafe Services and Brian Stone!

FOM is Hiring!

Friends of Mascoma Foundation is pleased to announce we are on the hunt for an Executive Director! FOM has experienced rapid growth since our start in 2014 and has reached the point that we need a staff member to help us continue to grow. This is a part-time, paid position and the job description can be found here.

If you (or somebody you know) might be the right fit for the position, please email a cover letter and resume to info@friendsofmascoma.org. Please also help spread the word by letting family and friends know about this opportunity.

2018 Annual Report


It is hard to believe that 2018 (and the start to 2019) was even busier than the previous year! We finally completed our 2018 annual report and it can be found here. We are in the process of placing paper copies around the district and can mail you a copy, just shoot us an email at info@friendsofmascoma.org if you want a paper copy!

A Look at our Mascoma Valley Regional High School Food Insecurity Program

We partner with the MVRSD to bring resources to our school district to eliminate food insecurity for our students. Look through all of our pictures to get an idea of the awesome resources available to our students.

This is a collaboration of many partner agencies with the New Hampshire Food Bank. This would not be possible without all of our wonderful volunteers, donors and supporters who come together to make a real effort to make sure our school community has access to food resources. Spread the word of good things happening in our corner of the world! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

The following pictures show our MVRSD pantry. Free table, recycling ,Snack cupboards, students helping unload, food meal items to take home in backpacks , cold refrigerated snacks, frozen meat and personal items. All available for our students if so needed. Want to help? Be a volunteer with us or support us through donations to our Friends Feeding Friends Program.

We also have an Amazon Wishlist for specific nutritional snacks which are hard to get! Thanks in advance! food@friendsofmascoma.org

Friends Feeding Friends Celebrate Volunteers

On April 12, we held a pizza and cupcake party to celebrate our volunteers who are the the many reasons our Friends Feeding Friends programs reached a Year Three Anniversary. These individuals from all five of our school towns give thousands of hours each year to help neighbors in their communities reduce food insecurity by helping us redistribute food resources and reduce food waste. They transport food by picking it up at the New Hampshire Food Bank, Willing Hands, Price Choppers, Hannafords and the TCCAP in Plymouth.

They unload, unpack sort and shelve thousands of pounds of food .They transport food to the MVRHS in-school pantry. They also operate pantries in Enfield and Canaan where shoppers can pick out food from a great variety of choices every week. We love our volunteers! Want to be part of our team? Please email: food@friendsofmascoma.org

Alan Ricard, Kerri Lazurus, Edie and Bill Bellion , George Lazurus

Alan Ricard, Kerri Lazurus, Edie and Bill Bellion , George Lazurus

Dan Moore, Carolyn Cusick, Steve and Terri Russell

Dan Moore, Carolyn Cusick, Steve and Terri Russell


Kaylee and Beth Felix, Andrew Cushing

Annelisa West , Coralie and AJ Stewart

Annelisa West , Coralie and AJ Stewart


Around the table- Sharon Kiley, Holly West, Lori Bliss Hill, behind: Nahid Tabatabei

Dan Kiley-(King of Food Tranports) and Kate Plumley Stewart

Dan Kiley-(King of Food Tranports) and Kate Plumley Stewart

Michelle Hemmerling and twins!

Michelle Hemmerling and twins!

Sue Huntoon and Mabel McGranaghan

Sue Huntoon and Mabel McGranaghan

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Students Help with Friends Feeding Friends

A community service group of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth sponsored a personal items and food drive to be included in our Spring Break boxes that were offered to 60 school families. A group led by Isabelle Yang, a medical student, brought their collections and helped organize the boxes along with Cynthia Collea, the MVRHS and IRS pantry manager and district social worker. Peg Vincent and Lynn O’Leary of IRS Helping Hands helped coordinate. Several MVRHS students helped with the organization as well. Friends of Mascoma Foundation supplied all of the resources for the boxes…..and we do this for every school break!


Town of Orange - Evening of Music & Potluck Supper

Have you ever been interested in learning more about the Town of Orange? It is the smallest town in our five-town school district and boasts 289 residents (at last count), one mountain, and 23.2 square miles. They are celebrating their 250th anniversary, which is exciting news!

As part of the Town of Orange’s 250th anniversary celebrations, they are hosting an evening of music and potluck supper on Saturday, April 27th at 5:30 pm. Music begins at 5:30 pm and the potluck takes place around 7:00 pm. The event is being hosted at the Orange Town House on Town House Road.

This is a free and family friendly event, we hope to see you there!

Word on the street...


Word on the street is that we have some tough competition for prizes during NH Gives this year! NH Gives is how we raise money for our scholarship fund and the cash prizes enable us to give an extra scholarship or two each year.

Please consider joining our NH Gives team by signing up as a fundraising champion on our NH Gives profile. We will be sending more information on our NH Gives campaign in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Scholarship Deadline is April 1st!

Money, money, money!

Money, money, money!

The deadline for applying for the Friends of Mascoma Foundation scholarship program is Monday, April 1st. Last year we awarded $16,000 in scholarships to 15 students in the Class of 2018. We are planning to award a similar amount to the Class of 2019, but might not be able to.

Why is this? To date, we have only received nine applications! The Class of 2019 is smaller than classes in previous years and we are aware we will receive less applications as a result, however we really love to award scholarships to outstanding students each year.

Please help us spread the word so we get a few more applications before the deadline. Late or incomplete applications are not accepted, however if students have already applied for post-secondary educational opportunities and other scholarships, they should have all the information needed to apply already.

Thank you for your help and support!

Thank You MVRHS Student Council!


We would like to thank the Mascoma Valley Regional High School Student Council for collecting and donating 91 pounds of food, personal items, and warm clothing to our Friends Feeding Friends program this winter! The donations were sorted, inventoried, and placed in the MVRHS food pantry. There were many wonderful items that will be much appreciated by students at IRS and MVRHS.

Partners with the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

We are partnering with the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth on a Personal Items Drive for our Spring Break boxes for school families. We are collecting the items on the notice below at the DHMC Main Building. You can find our donation boxes by Auditorium G-look for the posters.

If any MVRSD family would like to receive a box please get in touch with your school’s guidance counselor or email Cynthia Collea, our district’s social welfare agent and MVRHS food pantry at ccollea@mvrsd.org. by April 1. The first 60 families to register will receive a box of food and personal items. You can arrange pickup when you register.


MVRSD Winter Break Food Boxes


Lots of food support in our Mascoma Valley. Pictured is Carolyn Cusick, board member, pointing out 60 food and personal items boxes that were available to MVRSD families for Winter Break. The MVRHS pantry manager , Cynthia Collea spearheaded the project along with the district guidance department , Roger Hutchins and the Girls Volleyball team. There will be food boxes available for Spring Break also. Please get in touch with the school guidance department if you would like to be included if you have children in the MVRSD. We thank our partner, the New Hampshire Food Bank for helping us accomplish this.